Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Tradition

Many years ago I started a tradition on New Year's Day. I empty everything from my clothes closet and assess whether I really want to keep it. I'm sure you've heard the advice to get rid of anything that doesn't fit or that hasn't been worn in the past year. It's actually pretty good advice. My daily wardrobe tends to consist of the same 5-6 favorite outfits worn in endless repetition. The others either don't fit properly, or I don't like the way I look in them. But for some reason, I hang on to them.

It used to be an all day affair. I had so many clothes, and so much difficulty parting with anything. I thought "maybe some day I'll wear it/ fit into it..." etc. Or I had an attachment to things because someone I cared for gave it to me or I got it on a vacation with pleasant memories.

I've gotten much better at letting go. Each piece that goes into the discard bag slightly eases the load on my shoulders. One less piece of baggage and clutter. Plus, as I've simplified my life, my wardrobe has also simplified. When I was working in the corporate world, I had a closet full of suits, with matching blouses, shoes and accessories. At one time, I had 25 suits! I remember thinking how I could go for a full month without wearing the same suit twice. Ten years later, the suits are all gone. My studio wardrobe consists of an old pair of jeans or shorts and a t-shirt. This morning, it only took me about 30 minutes to go through everything.

This year I finally gave up on a beautiful, slinky deep green velvet dress. I wore it once on New Year's Eve about 10 years ago. And, I must admit, I looked pretty good in it. But, even if I could fit into it, I probably wouldn't wear that style out in public anymore!

The discards are all boxed up and ready to take to the shelter. I feel lighter, clearer and ready to start the new year.

Wishing you a Happy New Year, full of joy, love, laughter and creativity!


  1. This was just what I needed to read tonight.Thanks for the simple reminder to let go.
    and blessings to you in 2010,

  2. I need a little more of a is so hard to let go of memories...not just clothes but other things that clutter a home. Even fabric has lots of memories...


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