Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Proportion and Balance

For my daily practice for the artcloth mastery program I've been doing the assignments from an old textbook on art design. Today's design study was on proportion. The first step in the assignment was to create a balanced composition using basic geometric shapes. I cut shapes out of black paper and glued them to white paper. Here is my first composition.

The second step was to enlarge one of the components so it was out of proportion, but keep the same basic composition. I chose to enlarge one of the vertical lines and make it a rectangle.

The third step was to keep all the components from the second step, but to rearrange them to make them more balanced. I played around with a number of compositions, some that were completely different from the first composition. I ended up with one that was very similar, mainly because I wasn't pleased with any combination that separated the two horizontal lines, or had them elsewhere on the page. Amazing how the slight change between the second and third composition affects the overall visual balance.

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