Thursday, November 12, 2009

Printing on Fabric

I taught a class last weekend at the Southwest School of Art & Craft on techniques for printing on fabric. This is one of my favorite classes, because it focuses on an improvisational approach to traditional techniques like screenprinting, rubbings, and monoprinting. We used mundane objects to create interesting patterns and texture. A chamois window cleaner becomes a rose, a kitchen scrubber becomes a Van Gogh moon, a martini strainer forms the curly hair of a space creature. For the more abstract-minded, a bamboo placemat, netting from a grapefruit bag or a crocheted doily creates a beautiful patterned background.

Below are some of the samples that were created in class.

Screenprinting with confetti, leaf printing, texture plate rubbings.

Georganne monoprints with a plexiglass plate and a foam paint tool.

Monoprinted using the double plate technique

Maria uses dye sticks and textured items to create a rubbing on fabric.

Textures for Shiva stick rubbings.

We also used freezer paper, masking tape and Elmer's gel glue to act as a resist on the fabric and on a silkscreen.

Marisa screenprints a design created from freezer paper.

Screenprint with Elmer's gel glue.

Masking tape resist, bleach discharge

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