Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Working with Resists - Commercial Resists

I love commercial water-based resists for their ease of use. No mixing is involved - just open the bottle and pour! Jacquard, Presist and Inkodye are three of the many brands available. I was introduced to water-based resists years ago when I painted on silk.  I created detailed drawings with the resist and then painted inside the lines using silk dyes. When I transitioned to other surface design techniques, I didn't realize how versatile those resists can be. They go way beyond the traditional squeeze-on application.  Here are a few of my favorite ways to use them.

I love using my garden as inspiration and as a printing tool!  These are printings of rose leaves from my backyard.

I'm drawn to the soft, subtle effect of this piece. It was created by brushing water based resist through a mesh laundry bag.

Compressed sponges are the perfect stamping material.  They are very thin, which makes them easy to cut with scissors or a craft knife. Once they are placed under water, they swell to the thickness of a kitchen sponge.

Commercial resists are particularly suited to screenprinting.  The consistency is smooth and easily penetrates a silkscreen.  This is a thermofax image.

Back to the old familiar ways - the resist was applied with a squeeze bottle.

What are your favorite ways of applying water-based resists?

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  1. I have had a difficult time getting my Jacquard water soluble resist to work. I'm going to have to try it again, after seeing your beautiful results here!

    Right now, I'm using a lot of blue school glue gel for resist. Works for me!


  2. I've heard that from some other people, Judy. They changed the formula awhile back and I have had more success with it since then. It holds up better than gel glue, so I use it when I want a stronger resist. As long as you are happy with the glue, that's great!


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