Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Working with Resists - Corn Dextrin

Corn dextrin is a great all-purpose resist.  It is very versatile - you can stamp it, screen print it, stencil it, brush it.  It looks a lot like potato dextrin when mixed, however it doesn't crack once dry.  If you have tried working with cornstarch, it is similar, however I find it easier to mix. As with most resists, a heavier coating ensures a stronger resist.  Here are a few photos of cloth created with corn dextrin.

Corn dextrin works great with stencils. It is just the right consistency to spread with a scraper.

I love using the free-form "drip" approach. I guess this piece is more structured than free-form, but you get my point.

This piece reminds me of pine cones.  The dextrin was brushed through a lacy cloth. You can see the lighter areas where the brush (fully loaded with dextrin) brushed over the cloth.  And the areas with more definition when there was less dextrin on the brush.

Brayer printing deposits a lighter coating of the resist, so it has a softer effect.  This piece was brayer printed over a textured mat.

Here's another brayer print, over the ubiquitous bubble wrap. Again, a nice soft effect.

How have you used corn dextrin?

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