Thursday, June 14, 2012

Slowly Breaking Through

A month ago, I dedicated a week to an art retreat at home.  My husband was out of town, so it was just me and the kitties. I feel as if I haven't been very productive over the past six months.  Technically that is not true - I have created a number of pieces.  But I have gotten so used to working in a series, I feel that single, stand-alone pieces don't count. 

The retreat provided me with much needed time for walks in nature, meditation, reflection, playing with kittens . . . oh yes, and studio time.  I had a flash of insight about a series I want to work on, but the work has progressed slowly.  Since the retreat, I've felt torn between a number of ideas. I have had difficulty choosing which direction to go. Another flash of insight two days ago - it doesn't really matter which direction I go, as long as I do something!

Amazing how freeing that realization has been.  I have created two studies for larger pieces I'm entering in an exhibition later this year.  And although they didn't turn out exactly as expected, I know I'm on the right track. Each day I clarify my vision just a little bit more. Oh, and if you are wondering if I've kept my commitment to show up every day - the answer is yes.  I have spent at least several hours each day in the studio since June 1 (except one Saturday - it's ok to take one day off - or am I just rationalizing?!)

Below is a photo of one of my studies.  It is not complete, but I do like it enough to finish it.

What you you do to help you through periods of indecision and lack of inspiration? I would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Just keep working. Sometimes I sit down and make cards. Doing small pieces for cards makes me think about other things I want to do and the bonus is---I have lots of nice cards to send!

  2. I usually try sorting through my idea file and/or my fabrics for something to spur me on. But sometimes, like now, when I am pulled into my left brain by life, I simply recognize that that is where I am right now and that I will be back in my right-full brain sooner or later. Just giving myself the space to be OK with not working can get the motivation flowing again.

  3. I go for a walk along the river. For some reason, focusing my mind on something unrelated and away from my work space, helps. Often times the idea or a new way of approach will pop up as I am rounding the turn to head home.

  4. Great ideas! Maybe I should do what you do Sara, then I'd never have to buy a card again! Gay,I appreciate your reminder that sometimes we have to allow ourselves to have a fallow period. Jeannie, nature is a powerful muse. How fortunate you are to live close to the river.


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