Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Father's Legacy

My father is joyful, optimistic and loves to talk to strangers. He really loves to talk to strangers. Waiters, grocery checkers, business patrons and random strangers in the street are all regaled with his tales.  As a kid it drove me crazy. Now I just figure, if it makes him happy, great!

We did not have a close relationship when I was young.  He was a driven entrepreneur, working long hours with frequent travel. And when he was home we were most likely yelling at each other. ("Stop yelling at me, Dad!"  "I'm not yelling! I'm just trying to make my point." It's rather comical, thinking back on it.) For years, I lived too far away to see him on a regular basis.  When I moved back to Texas eight years ago, he was within driving distance, so now I am able to see him more often. We have been able to develop a relationship that wouldn't have been possible when I was young.

A few years ago I understood that he had more of an impact on who I am than I had realized. There are the similarities born of genetics  - positive outlook, goal oriented, quick-tempered.  But I think his biggest legacy to me was believing in the power of one's thoughts. He had this philosophy long before it became popular. I had a strong role model in the impact of visualization, positive self-talk and believing in oneself. He didn't explicitly teach me those beliefs, but I absorbed them nonetheless. I believe that a lot of what I have accomplished over the years is a result of that foundation I received when young.

So, thanks, Dad!  For that and everything else you've brought into my life over the years.

What legacy has your father left you?


  1. My Father taught me to keep trying. He taught me this by example. If something didn't work the first time, he would try it again. "What if I did this instead?" He also taught me that if I walked out in the rain, I wouldn't Melt!

    1. I can see that in your work. You are always trying new things, persevering if something doesn't work the first time. I admire your tenacity.


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