Friday, May 18, 2012

On Writing a Book

Yesterday I saw my book in print for the first time. I only had a chance to flip through the pages quickly, but I'm pleased with what I saw. My copy is awaiting me back home, so I'll have a chance to look at it more closely this weekend.

The entire experience has been very positive, although not entirely what I expected.  Everyone with whom I've worked has been enthusiastic, helpful and supportive. I feel fortunate to be working with the wonderful publishing team at C&T.

I was amazed that the actual writing is only a small component of the project. I spent as much time creating samples as I did writing. And the prep for the photography, along with the photo shoot itself, took many hours. A lot of time went into figuring out what how-to photos would best complement the text and what equipment, materials and supplies were needed for those photos. There were also many hours of review and revision.

The aspect that was most surprising is the length of time it takes to produce a book. I finished my part last April, so the entire production process has taken over a year. The manuscript was reviewed by several different editors for content, accuracy, grammar and spelling. Fortunately my book did not require any re-writes or revisions. The next step was putting the words and photos together in a meaningful way. And then the final layout and design. All of that was complete by year-end and the book was sent off to the printer. The actual distribution date is June 18, so there is still another month to go.

I feel a bit overwhelmed when I think of all the teamwork and cooperation needed to accomplish the task. I tend to be pretty independent and think I can do everything by myself.  This truly was a team effort and I am thankful to all those who had a hand in the book.

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