Thursday, October 15, 2009

Play Day in the Studio

I've spent some time in the past few weeks creating fabric samples for my classes. I usually bring in finished pieces, which works well, because participants can see the techniques used in a finished art piece. However, finished pieces are more cumbersome to transport, and when they are on exhibit, I can't bring them in as examples. So, I decided it was time to create samples specifically for class. Some of them turned out so well, I hate to leave them as samples. I may end up using some of them in my small works!

This piece has two layers of flour paste resist, painted with thickened dye and overdyed.

Oatmeal - one of my favorites! I applied it with a spoon, and left some spots open.

This piece has multiple layers of textile medium screenprinted on the cloth, then dyed. The textile medium does not completely resist the dye in an immersion. In some cases, it seems to wick in the dye and make it darker rather than lighter.

This piece was screenprinted using a print paste resist on a silkscreen. I applied print paste on the back of a silkscreen, then placed a variety of texture objects on the paste. I removed the objects once the paste was dry. Then I screenprinted with thickened dye.

This piece has a layer of flour paste resist, which was painted over with thickened dye. The next layer was soy wax. Then it was overdyed. Then another layer of flour paste was applied and discharge paste was painted on after the paste had dried. The final layer was a thermofax image screened with thickened dye.

This piece started with a flour paste resist and was painted with thickened dye. Then soy wax was applied and the piece was handpainted with dye.

The first layer on this piece was a screenprint with potato dextrin on the screen as a resist. Then soy wax was applied and it was overdyed. The final layer was a thermofax image discharge.

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