Thursday, October 8, 2009

10,000 Flowers In Progress

In an earlier blog post, I committed to recording my progress on my latest series, 10,000 Flowers. I haven't posted about it in awhile, because I haven't made much progress. I don't really have any good reasons for not working on the series, just plain old procrastination.

I finally started working again today. Two of the pieces had several layers of printing, the other two were only dyed. They have to be finished by October 18, for the next session of the ArtCloth Mastery program. Or at least, as close to finished as possible.

One of the things I focused on today is adding more value contrast. So, here is how they look after a day of intense work.

10,000 Flowers

This piece represents spring. The vision in my head is our wildflower garden when it explodes after the spring rains. When I started this morning, this piece was only dyed. I added 8 layers of printing. It is essentially the same imagery, just different sizes and different colors. It is pretty close to being finished, but I'm not yet sure what my next step will be.

The Moon

This piece represents autumn. Several weeks ago I screened the moon imagery in several versions of yellow-orange, but only one of them shows up well in the photo. Today I added the crackle image for additional texture. I used several different values with the crackle to achieve greater depth. I need to add another image in a lighter value, so I'm thinking of using the moon image in a larger size.


This piece represents winter. Several weeks ago I screened the small snowflakes in several shades of blue. Today I added the dark blue background texture and the larger, lighter colored snowflakes. This piece is pretty close to finished. I'll let it sit a few days and then look at it to decide what, if anything, it needs.
I'm feeling like I accomplished a lot today. Proof that when I stop procrastinating and do something I can achieve a lot!

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