Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Circle Squared

A colleague of mine, Michelle Belto, has a new exhibition of encaustic work, The Circle Squared, in San Antonio. Michelle creates her own hand made paper and uses these as the "canvas" on which to paint with melted wax. I went to her opening reception last night, along with some other fiber artists, and was awestruck at the beauty of her work.

The process of encaustic involves applying multiple layers of wax to the surface of a "ground". In this case, Michelle's hand made paper is the ground. The wax has a translucent effect, so you can see through each layer to the layer below. In some cases, fibers or other objects are encased between layers of wax. The medium also allows for a glossy smooth surface or one with lots of texture and roughness.

Below are photos of some of the pieces in the exhibit. If you are in San Antonio, I highly recommend going to the exhbit. It runs through December 31 at the Citrus Room in the Hotel Valencia.

Michelle Belto, Joy Lavrencik, Barbara Schneider

Alchemy's Window

Four Faces of Earth

Red Mandala

Searching for Balance

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