Monday, April 2, 2012

Fiber Philadelphia I

Last weekend was my splurge trip to Philadelphia.  I went up to view some of the exhibits in Fiber Philadelphia, an international biennial festival of cutting-edge fiber and textile art. Prior to the trip, it seemed a very self-indulgent thing to do - flying across the country just to look at art. Now I realize that it was a very good decision.  In addition to viewing truly amazing work, I came back energized, motivated and inspired to move ahead with my own work. I'll be sharing more of my trip over the next few weeks - there is too much to cover in one blog post.

Here are a few photos from an exhibit at the Philadelphia City Hall building. 

Tectonics, Tegan Brozyna, oil bar and gel medium on paper maps

Tectonics, detail

Growth Ring, Loo Bain, newspaper, glue, wood

Memories (partial view), Won Kyoung Lee, plexiglass, saran wrap, threads
Memories, detail

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