Thursday, April 5, 2012

ArtCloth Exhibition

Twelve Voices from One, the exhibition for the 2010 ArtCloth Mastery Program graduates, opened last Thursday evening.   Participants in the two year program study the elements of design, dyeing textiles, surface manipulation and mixed media applications. The exhibition is the culmination of the program. Living in San Antonio, I have the advantage of being able to view the exhibit each year. I am always amazed at the diversity of the work.  Each artist has found their own voice.   The works are on exhibit at the Radius Gallery in San Antonio through May 31st. Below are a few photos from the exhibit. I recommend viewing it in person if you have the opportunity! You can also view their blog for more photos.

Work by Ann Graham and Laurie Brainerd

Work by Karen Turckes

Work by Allison Brown-Cestero

Work by Annalisa Jose

Work by Angela Maroun


  1. This makes me miss being a student! :) Hope you're well, Lisa!

    1. I know - sometimes having someone pushing you is a good thing! Yes, I am well, Cori. Thanks for asking.

  2. Thanks for the great publicity!


    1. Glad to - the show is excellent. I hope a lot of people can see it!


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