Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Custom Printed Fabrics

Have you heard about the online companies that print fabric from your designs?  There are a number of companies who do so, including Spoonflower, Fabric on Demand and KarmaKraft. It's a fun way to create your own fabric, especially for those with limited space to use paints and dyes! You don't have to be able to draw, although that is one way to create a pattern.  I've been experimenting with a variety of ways to generate designs on Spoonflower. Below are photos of some of my designs.   View my entire collection on Spoonflower.

1. Reproductions of my hand-dyed and printed fabric.  I photographed the fabric, cropped out the portion I wanted and uploaded it to the Spoonflower website.

2. Reproductions of some of my resist-dyed fabrics

3 . Designs taken from black and white imagery I created.  These images were scanned into the computer, manipulated as desired and uploaded to Spoonflower.

4. Photographs - The first is a photo of my cat - not necessarily something I would use in my art, but it's a great photo and I wanted to see how it would come out. The second image was created by manipulating a photo in photo shop to create a black and white outline drawing of the photographic image.

One of the neat things about Spoonflower is that you can change the colors of the design after it is uploaded.  The following cloth was uploaded as a black and white image. 

Another feature is that you can choose from several repeat patterns.  There are several variations on the grid as well as a mirror repeat that creates a kaleidoscope effect.  The first image below is a half drop repeat, the second is the same image with a mirror repeat.


  1. I love the idea of printing some of your favourite fabrics that you've made on Spoonflower!

    P.S. - Did you know you're a no-reply blogger? True thing! (Unless you want to be, of course.) :)

    1. I'm no reply only because when I set up my blog a few years ago, I didn't really know what I was doing. And now, I can't figure out how to change it!


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