Sunday, July 10, 2011

Time for Something New

I've had an interest in working with acrylic paints and mediums for the past year.  I allowed myself some play time last month. I really like using gel mediums to build up texture. Some of my interest came from using resists for so long. Oatmeal, grits, tapioca and potato dextrin all create such a wonderful dimensional surface on the cloth. When they are washed off, the resulting pattern is interesting, but I like the idea of real texture, not just visual texture.

I created a number of small studies.  In most cases, I started by building a textured surface with joint compound or gel medium.  Then I applied layer upon layer of sheer color. In a way, that is much the same as I do with my cloth. Some were really awful and are in the trash. Some are okay, and are awaiting more layers. Here a photos of a few of the pieces that I like.


  1. The texture you create.. it's sumptuous... Sumptuous, is that a real word? I don't care.. I'm using it anyway.. Your texture is sumptuous!

  2. Lovely.......I would gladly take the middle one off of your hands! LOL


  3. Lisa, Sorry I missed this earlier. My summer has been dedicated to using more layers of gel medium in my work. My first layer has always been a mix of acrylic and gel medium. Now I'm playing with modeling paste randomly applied before any color, then layers of whatever I feel like at the moment. The effect has been a little like encaustic. Isn't it fun to experiment???


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