Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Making Marks

This week I started experimenting with making marks. I chose a variety of brushes and other tools and played around to see what kind of marks they would produce. I was inspired by a friend of mine who took a strip of rubber and was able to come up with 15 different types of marks. This is all part of my desire to work directly on the cloth, rather than relying on screenprinting.

This concept of making marks isn't completely new to me. I have used it often with black paint on paper to come up with images that I could turn into a silkscreen, stencil or thermofax. This time, I am using thickened dye on fabric, to get a better understanding of what each tool can do.

I started with some basic brushes - a large round watercolor brush and a large square brush.

Then I moved on to a paint roller and some ice tongs.

A spring whisk and window chamois make interesting marks.

My favorites are a putty knife...

a rubber spatula...

and a wire whisk.

I'm running out of tools to try - time for a trip to the thrift shop!

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