Monday, April 12, 2010

10,000 Flowers - Finally Finished

I put the finishing touches on four pieces in my 10,000 Flowers series last week. I started them at the end of December, but took a two month hiatus this spring because of a heavy workshop schedule. This is the second version I have created - I wasn't satisfied with the first.

The pieces were created for the ArtCloth Mastery program that Jane Dunnewold teaches. They are based on one of my favorite poems.

I incorporated both flour paste and soy wax resists, along with multiple layers of dyeing and screenprinting and even some handpainting. The pieces are in a rayon/linen blend. The lovely look of linen with the soft drape of rayon. They are long and narrow - approximately 10 feet x 24". Below are some detail shots of the pieces.

10,000 Flowers

The Moon

A Cool Breeze


Two weeks ago I decided to add a fifth piece to the series to represent the last line of the poem "This is the best season of your life." It is still in progress, although I don't envision a whole lot more. I think just a little bit of copper leaf is all it needs.

The Best Season

Feels good to have them finished. Now it's time for the next project!


  1. Beautiful Lisa. What are you going to start on next?

  2. Hi Sara,
    I'm not sure yet. I'm in a week-long class (as a student) and one of my objectives for the week is to figure out what next!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. I'm so happy to see the end-result!


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