Monday, April 19, 2010

Artcloth Mastery Program, cont'd

After six days in class, I feel discombobulated. I had planned to publish more photos of the work class participants had completed. Unfortunately, my computer somehow lost the photos I downloaded from last week (it couldn't be operator error, could it?!). All I could find was the above photo of Jeanne Sisson's tribute to Gustav Klimt. So, instead, I'll share some of my insights from the week.

It was an intense week and I came to realize just how important participating in this program has been for me. I initially chose to participate after seeing the transformation in the work of people who had attended the first two sessions. That, along with the lure of working with a group of artists over a two year period was appealing. Now halfway through the program, I find I am getting so much more out of it than I expected.

The program takes a lot of commitment. It is more than just showing up for a week of classes every six months. We have interim assignments after each session. Those assignments include the creation of 2-4 pieces of artcloth, along with other projects, such as color studies, book reviews, presentations on a favorite artist, design studies and thoughtful planning.

Some of the assignments have been enjoyable, some tedious, some difficult to accomplish, but they all have contributed to greater proficiency in my art. So, what have I gained from this program?

  • I have a much better understanding of color and color relationships. I find it much easier to achieve the colors I want and I am more daring in working with unusual colors and combinations.

  • I have been inspired by my exposure to other artist's work and ideas.

  • I have learned a lot about myself - my strengths, challenges and fears.

  • I have enjoyed the synergy and support of working with a cohesive group of artists.

  • I feel comfortable taking some risks that I wouldn't have six months ago.

So now, time to work on this session's interim assignments, along with getting caught up on all the other aspects of daily life!

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