Friday, May 1, 2009

The Ties That Bind

Last night was the opening for an exhibit I am in with 2 other local artists, Susie Monday and Linda Rael. The theme of the exhibit is Ties that Bind - three artists' exploration of physical, emotional and spiritual ties. Suchil Coffman curated the exhibit at the new Fiber Artspace Gallery in the Blue Star Complex. Suchil and the gallery partners did a wonderful job hanging the show - everything looks great! Below are some highlights. The show runs through June 27. The gallery is open Monday through Saturday from 11-6 and until 10 pm on the first Thursday and Friday of every month.

For this exhibit, I created a series of 5 pieces that focus on relationships that can both “bind” us and set us free, including our relationship with our mother, our relationship with our partner, our relationship with nature, our relationship with the world and our relationship with our God. I used African adinkra symbols to add an additional layer of meaning. These symbols represent a variety of metaphors and are traditionally used to create sacred cloth for life transition events in Ghana. Below are two of the pieces I created for the series.

One with Nature by Lisa Kerpoe

Connection with Spirit by Lisa Kerpoe

Linda Rael created a series of art dolls for the exhibit. Linda has a strong connection to nature, which is evident in her work.

Fairy King by Linda Rael

Compassionate Mother by Linda Rael

Susie Monday exhibited her art quilts. Nature and spirituality are continuing themes in her work.

Michael of a Thousand Eyes by Susie Monday

Art Quilts by Susie Monday


  1. lovely exhibit - wish I could walk through it in person. Thank you for posting. The variation on form invites the eye to travel further in.


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