Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Art of Family

The San Antonio Visual Artists (SAVA) opened a new exhibit Thursday night at their Rivercenter Mall Gallery. The exhibit, The Art of Family, features works in a variety of media by artists of all ages. It is a wonderful collection of painting, pastel, fiber, and sculpture. Artists were required to enter the exhibit in conjunction with a family member. Some artists collaborated with family members. Others, like me, entered individual works with a member of their family. It was inspiring to see the family art connections.

When I first heard of the exhibit, I thought "I guess I won't be able to enter this show, because no one in my family is an artist." Then I realized that my home is filled with the artwork of family members and friends. My uncle Jerry was an artist and I have several of his works in my home. My favorite is a wood cut he did about 6 months after I was born. He died long before I pursued my art full time. I regret not being able to share that with him, but I feel that he is a part of me and has influenced my art career.

My sister-in-law's aunt is an artist, and we have a wonderful pastel we received as a wedding gift. I have always felt that the girl in the picture looks like my niece when she was a young girl.

And I can't forget my husband, who has also loved art since he was young. He used to do a lot of oil and acrylic painting, but he gave it up for writing. He has just started to go back to his paints. We have a number of his works throughout our home.

And, although her work is not represented in our home, another of my sisters-in-law is an artist. We've been asking for something of hers for years. She is a wonderful artist, but working full time as a high school art teacher, she doesn't have much time for her own creations.

My family goes beyond just the ties of blood and marriage. We all have our chosen family - close friends with whom we choose to spend our time. I cherish the artwork in my home that was created by my friends. As I look around my home, I realize that most of the art on my walls was created by people I know. Each piece has a story, making it so much more meaningful.

What story does the art in your home tell?

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