Monday, July 2, 2012

Artwork winners!

Peace Amidst Chaos
Thank you so much to all who ordered my new book, Visual Texture on Fabric. As a thank you to those who ordered the book from me before June 30, I held a drawing of some of the artwork from the book. Eight silk scarves created for the book, along with two pieces of artwork from the cover will now go to a new home. Congratulations to the following winners:

Lynne Allen - silk scarf
Rachel Edwards-Ridder - silk scarf
Diana Sanchez Harwood - silk scarf
Angela Maroun - silk scarf
Carol Mendenhall - silk scarf
Penni Redding - silk scarf
Deborah VanStratum - Peace Amidst Chaos, cover artwork
Stephanie Wilson - Bamboo Sunrise, cover artwork
Judith Winshel - silk scarf
Carol Yingst - silk scarf

As I pulled the names, most were of people I know.  I thought, "Oh, no - people will think it's rigged." But then I realized that only 30% of the orders were from people I didn't know personally.  Out of the ten winners, I know seven.  So I guess the law of probability and sampling really does work pretty well.

For those whose names weren't drawn, I'm sorry.  I wish I had enough artwork to give to all of you!

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