Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vibrant Color workshop in Newark

I had a great time teaching in Newark last weekend.  The class focused on combining soy wax and MX dyes. It's a tough class to take on the road, but I had lots of help there with the prep and set-up. The class was held at the Newark Museum.  Unfortunately, I didn't have time to see anything there but the classroom!

Participants experimented with three techniques, soy wax dye crayons, hot wax combined with dye and soy wax dye paste.

Judith brushes hot wax and dye through a lace doily

Created by brushing hot wax through plastic rug gripper and hardware cloth

Mary Ann adds background color with thickened dye

Layered soy wax crayon rubbings and thickened dye
All the "lovelies" hanging on the clothesline

Hot wax and dye stamped on, then immersed

Randy and Judy prepare the fabric for steaming

Hot wax and dye with a freezer paper mask

1 comment:

  1. Some very beautiful pieces, Lisa. Looks like your participants had a great time. That does look like a hard workshop to take on the road! I'm glad it went well.


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