Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Creating Space to Nurture Your Soul

I'm reading a book called SoulSpace by Xorin Balbes and Marianne Williamson. The subtitle, Transform Your Home, Transform Your Life - Creating a Home that is Free of Clutter, Full of Beauty, Inspired by You, is what drew me in. The clutter part, particularly.  I've been feeling that my life has been taken over by "stuff".  I really like the focus of the book - not only cleaning and de-cluttering, but also on assessing each room in your home to determine if it really reflects you and your life.  Do you have space for the pursuits you are passionate about? Is there a room in your home that is never used?  Maybe that space would be better used on something that feeds your soul.

The transformation of my living spaces will be a long-term process. I started by spending last week deep cleaning, de-cluttering and organizing each room in my home. Four and a half days of this left me exhausted and sore, but the results are worth it! I didn't realize how stressed I was by all that clutter. I feel so much more at peace in my home now.  It's a great way to start the new year. The task is not complete, however enough has been completed to give me the momentum to finish.My studio is still untouched, and I fear that will take a whole week by itself!

The challenge is to keep things looking this way. Another book I've read recently, Eliminate Chaos: The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Home and Life, by Laura Leist and Adam Weintraub, includes a discussion on maintenance.  (Sensing a trend in my current reading material?) That is a very important step - and one in which many of us fall short.

Time will tell if all of this actually transforms my life. For now I am content, and I breathe a joyful sigh as I spend time in my clean, clutter-free home. Wishing you a satisfying, peace-filled new year!


  1. Well, once my Jane work is completed, I may read these books and see if they can help me! My home needs decluttering in the worst way, so I thank you for the recommendations!

    and a happy, healthy, & creative 2012 to you as well!


  2. I'm always looking for the book that will unlock my clutterness - I'm going to check these out and see.

    AND - I'm so excited about your book. I'm going to preorder, but can't do so until next month with the holidays and all. I'll tell you sometime about how I've had my outdoor sink fixed and why your book is important to me.

    Hoping for a wonderful 2012 for you and yours!

  3. We did a little de-cluttering too, but I'd love to do more of it with Bob's things!

  4. Alas, Sue, we can't just toss our partner's belongings! I settle for giving him his own room with a door that closes. I'm sure he feels the same way about my studio!


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