Saturday, August 6, 2011

Relief from the Heat

It has been a particularly hot and dry summer - where I live and in many other parts of the country. Having worked to create a drought-friendly landscape, we never water our lawn, and rarely water our plants. We have learned that the brown grass will come back again when it rains, and so will most of the plants. However this year, the drought and heat have been exceptional. Even the medium-sized trees are feeling the heat. So it was a joyful respite to see our spider lily bloom.

Yes, I know - it isn't technically relief from the heat.  It's still just as hot as ever.  But looking at the beautiful blooms takes my mind off the heat - for a few glorious moments.

What is your "relief"?


  1. I love my garden for 'relief'. It's just outside my front door & I can potter about with Nature. Hope the rain comes soon for you Lisa.

  2. That's a beautiful plant! It's hot here, but we are having quite a lot of thunderstorms - not good for the dog, but great for our grass and gardens.

    Hope you get some rain and cooler temps soon.



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