Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Is There Music in Your Muse?

I'm fascinated by the subject of how sound affects our inspiration. Some people prefer to work in quiet.  Some prefer music. Others prefer talk radio. I find all three to be appropriate at different times. A lot depends on the particular task. My favorite NPR shows are perfect for tasks like hand stitching, fusing, etc. Design work requires absolute silence. I turn to upbeat music while doing more routine aspects of surface design - mixing dyes, applying resists. And then there are the hybrid moments.  When I'm working on design and surface design simultaneously.  This occurs when I have a general plan, but I need to make spontaneous decisions as I'm printing my fabric.That's when I turn to meditative music.

I have had two very productive studio days this week.  This is a welcome relief from a summer of lethargy. I was listening to a new CD both days - Music for a Shift in Consciousness.  Based on research by Bruce Lipton and composed by Russel Walder, this music is designed to create a shift in brain activity to the calming alpha state. I suppose if you are in a more relaxed state, it is easier to be open to the flow of creativity and inspiration. So, can I credit my burst of inspiration to this CD?  I don't really know.  It may truly be just a coincidence. But I do know that I will keep listening!

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  1. Like you, Lisa I shift my music according to the task at hand. I really love to listen to quiet 'New Age' (that's what iTunes labels it, but I call it meditative) music most of the time when I work. However, sometimes I really need a bit of Bob Marley, Paul Simon, Dixie Chicks, Leonard Cohen, Norah Jones. Sometimes I listen to podcasts or a recorded book, but that is usually done at the gym when I can concentrate on my listening.
    Glad you're back in the groove!



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