Friday, March 11, 2011


When I lived in Chicago, the first robin was the sign that spring was coming.  In south Florida, spring wasn't much different than winter. I always dreaded late spring, because the weather would soon turn from glorious to hot and steamy. In Texas, it is the bluebonnets that herald in spring. In a good year, the beautiful blue-violet flowers blanket the sides of the roadway.   The local shops that cater to tourists are filled with photos and paintings of bluebonnets, so it is easy to take them for granted.  But all it takes to remember their beauty is one perfect bluebonnet and one moment to enjoy it. Last week, the first lone bluebonnet emerged from our new wildflower garden. I guess that means spring is officially here.

What is your "bluebonnet"?


  1. I think that when our Bloodroot blooms, I know that summer is not far away. Our Spring here is so gradual and lovely. On this day of natural disasters I hate to equate the onset of Spring in Georgia to a wave, but that is how it appears to me: first the Hellebores, followed by daffodils and Serviceberry trees, then Red Buds, and finally dogwoods and azaleas.
    We have another thing in common: South Florida! We were there from '72-'80 - and you?


  2. Here in southeast Virginia the daffodils come up
    first. Then the forsythia blooms. I saw my first bluebird a couple of weeks ago, another sign. Out come mason jars and I fill the house with new life.

  3. I remember the daffodils from Chicago. Such a welcome sight coming up from the cold snow!

  4. Hey, I just got my quilting arts magazine. Great article, Lisa! I got your DVD and am framing up a day dedicated to learning your resist techniques.


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