Saturday, March 5, 2011

Design Transformation

I've been doing a lot of brayer printing lately and have a wonderful piece of lacy fabric that makes a great pattern.  I've heard a lot about PhotoEZ for screen printing and wanted to try it, so I decided to transform this image into a screen.

Lace fabric

The first step was to paint the lace with black craft paint so it would show up when I scanned it into the computer.  The resulting image came out with a lot of gray tones, so I manipulated it in my photo software so it was only black and white.

Then I decided to try the negative image to see what that was like.

I liked that better, so that is what I used to create the PhotoEZ screen. PhotoEZ is essentially a piece of mesh covered with photo emulsion.  The website makes it sound so easy, but I was skeptical. It actually was very easy and came out perfectly the first time.  Basically, you place a photocopy of the image on top of the emulsion covered mesh and let it sit in the sun for 5 minutes. (There is more to it than that, but it comes with complete directions.)

After washing out the softened emulsion, I had a screen ready to go.

Here is what the print looks like:

 I love the idea of creating screens with some of the unique patterns I get with brayer printing.  I think I'll be making a lot more of these.  I hope it is a sunny spring!


  1. Oh Lisa......that is so cool! Now I'll have to try that....when I get home and we have some sun!


  2. This is extremely cool, Lisa! I look forward to trying it!


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