Saturday, June 13, 2009

Twelve Voices From One

Work by Jane Dunnewold

A new fiber exhibit opened up June 5th at Gallery Nord in San Antonio. The exhibit features the work of 10 artists - Jane Dunnewold plus 9 of the 12 participants in her ArtCloth Mastery Program, a study of advanced education in surface patterning techniques, design concepts and color theory. The group has been working together for the past two and a half years, learning new techniques and building their voice. The exhibit reflects the transformation in their work over that period. Because the classes are held in ArtCloth Studios, where I am a member artist, I have had the opportunity to see how each individual's work has progressed. I was so impressed when I attended the class presentations last fall, that I decided to take the class this year. (More on that later.)

Each artist created four 12 x 12 pieces and several larger pieces. The work is stunning. Here are just a few pieces.

Joanne Weis

Patt Wilson

Kathleen Williams

Laurie Dodd

Laura Beehler

Mary LeBlanc

Patti Pitts

Annette Blair

Cathy Stechschulte

The exhibit showcases many styles and many approaches to artcloth. I find it fascinating to see how each individual took essentially the same surface design techniques and created such a varied body of work. If you have the chance to go, I highly recommend it.

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