Monday, February 11, 2013

Online Art Portfolios

There are a lot of ways to put your art on the internet. You can put it on your blog or website, you can participate in online selling venues, such as Etsy or Fine Art America. There are also sites that act as a viewing gallery.

I'm still trying to figure out the "best" way to approach this. I do my website myself, so you'd think it would be easiest just to put everything there. But I'm not completely satisfied with the gallery pages on the software I use.  I've been putting photos of my work on a website called Behance. I find it easier to work with and I can group my work together by series. (You can view my portfolio on Behance by clicking this link.)

I'd love to hear how you all approach this. Do you prefer to have all your artwork on your website, or do you combine different approaches for getting your work out there? If so, what sites/software do you use?


  1. I actually like the way you present your portfolio on your web site, but when you do it yourself (which I do, too), there's a lot to be said for something that's easier to work with.

    The software I built my web site on is ancient, so I'm learning Wordpress and building a whole new site now. I'd much rather be in the studio :-)

    I'll still have a presence on other sites. But to answer your question, I'm working to integrate everything in one site (web site, blog, online classes) that's easier for me to update and manage and easier for others to find what they need in one spot.

  2. I have gone through several iterations for my website and my selling venue. Currently, my website is on with a purchased domain name, but my on-line store is on I tried etsy at first, but found them to be too costly for the size inventory I am trying to market. My main business is my tie-dye clothing, and I have over 300 pieces for sale currently. For my art and landscape quilts, I have a separate page on my website linked from my home page. As for my photos, I used to have my website hosted by angelfire, and when I moved my site to blogger, I kept a basic membership at angelfire because I have so many photos of my work out in various venues... if I drop angelfire, the links are broken! Someday, I hope to create a flikr account and start posting there.


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