Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Screenprinting with Stencils

I've been creating a variety of stencils to use with a blank silkscreen.  I haven't done it in awhile and forgot how much fun it is! My goal was to come up with imagery for a new series. I learned about using interfacing as a stencil from Jane Dunnewold. The basic idea is to apply acrylic paint to the interfacing to block out a pattern.  Then you tape that to the back of a blank silkscreen. The paint or dye, when pulled through the screen, will not go through the areas that are painted. It is a convenient way to create a silkscreen without dedicating the screen to one image.

I also tried lutradur as an alternative to interfacing.  It is more open, so it doesn't work as well, although I did get some interesting patterns from it. I also used window sheer fabric. Below are some of the stencils I created and the corresponding print. I'll post part two (resists on interfacing stencils) once I get the photos taken.

Acrylic paint brushed through lace

Acrylic paint brushed through lace

Acrylic paint brushed through lace on lutradur

Acrylic paint brushed onto sheer polyester fabric


  1. These are wonderful...full of exciting potential! I have two new things on my list...using interfacing and lutradur!

    I'm so glad you directed readers over to the info on joining the 'Art Cloth Network'. I do not work in immersion dyes so I don't qualify but I will follow where my work connects with the other artists in this network. I have both of Jane Dunnewold's books and am learning so many applications!

  2. This looks a very interesting technique - thank you for sharing it with us.

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  3. we really enjoyed your article, thanks for sharing and more power!


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