Thursday, January 24, 2013

Public Art San Antonio

San Antonio is a wonderful place to live as an artist. (It's great even if you aren't an artist.) It offers numerous programs that support the arts. One of these programs is the Public Art program. This program is responsible for both permanent and temporary exhibits. The temporary exhibit program has expanded over the past few years and showcases local artists' work in public buildings throughout the city.

I have the honor of being one of the artists chosen for the 2013 temporary exhibit program. Other participating artists include:Jane Dunnewold, John Dyer, Andrea Huerta, Norma Jean Moore, Sabine Senft, Luis Valderas and James Woodard.

Last night the city held a small reception for the artists to show us the exhibits in the City Hall and Municipal Building. The artwork is exceptional and it really adds warmth to the public spaces. The lighting wasn't the best for photography, however they will eventually be posted on the PASA website, Below is a photo of two of my pieces, located outside the city manager's office.

What types of public art programs does your city offer?

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  1. WooHoo for You Lisa!!!
    Those are beautiful pieces and they look great in this venue!



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