Monday, October 8, 2012

Finding Meaning in Cloth

Some of my work is created with intent and with a specific meaning in mind. These pieces are generally about something for which I have strong feelings. Other pieces are created more serendipitously and find their meaning when complete. I hate to admit it, but I do favor the pieces created with intent.  Maybe because not only have I put myself into the cloth through the physical creation, I have added emotional energy as well. And I find it affirming and fulfilling when the cloth is used in a manner that enhances it's meaning.

A good example of this is an experience I had this weekend.  I had an opportunity to present one of my pieces to an inspiring woman, Reverend Jane Spahr. Reverend Spahr is most well known for her work as an advocate for the LGBT community within the Presbyterian Church. She spoke at a local church, which wanted to present her with a liturgical stole.  That's where I entered the picture.  The minister purchased a stole from me and I had the honor of presenting it to Reverend Spahr at the service Sunday morning.

The stole (pictured above) was created using a variation of the design from a piece of artcloth  I created a number of years ago. The title of that cloth was We Are One and my intent was to represent community and connection. As I listened to Reverend Spahr tell her story, I was struck by how appropriate that message is to her journey. 

That's what my artistic journey is all about - connecting with other's emotions, hopes and dreams through my cloth.  I can create all the pieces I want and enjoy the process, but the true meaning of the cloth comes out when it sparks the interest, imagination and emotion of another.


  1. That is a beautiful piece...and what an honor! I love the story!


  2. I think of that connection as the icing on the cake. I will still make the cake even if there is no icing, but it is better with some!


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