Thursday, December 8, 2011


Several weeks ago I had to turn in my workshop descriptions for the classes I'll be teaching next summer at the Southwest School of Art.  I try to come up with new workshops each time, because my classes are a mix of repeat and new students. I decided to teach a workshop using collography on fabric. Rather than taking the time here, I'll leave the description of collography to wikipedia.   I first became aware of the technique last year at a local Art Walk.  I was fascinated by the imagery on paper, but couldn't quite understand how it worked.  I did some research and experimented and have adapted the traditional printmaking techniques for use on fabric.

Now I keep seeing things about collographs everywhere.  Just this week I received an email about using the process on fabric from Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine.  And this morning, as I looked at the blogs I follow, there was another mention of the collograph.  Both have given me additional ideas I can adapt for the class. Isn't it funny how the information turns up just when you need it?

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