Monday, December 19, 2011

A New Fascination

I started knitting about a year ago.  I haven't made very many things during that time - I got hung up on creating a baby blanket for our newest grandson.  That took about 10 months (only about 4 weeks actual working  - I started in February, but once it got warm in March I didn't have any interest in having a warm blanket on my lap).  I dyed the yarn for the blanket, because I wanted it to be unique.  Now that the blanket is finished and mailed off  (I couldn't start anything else until I finished it), I've been back at work and have finished a scarf and a neckwarmer.

I was given a lifetime supply of yarn by a friend of mine earlier this year.  She had given up knitting and sent me all her projects in process.  It was a wonderful surprise, lots of beautiful yarn - and high quality yarn, too.  Although I love the colors she sent, I decided to overdye a few skeins of alpaca yarn yesterday.  She bought it for a sweater (beyond my abilities at this point), so it's an awful lot of yarn in that color.  The yarn started out a beautiful golden/brown color.

I dyed one skein in bronze, one in olive green and one in red.  Here are the dyed versions.

I can see that dyeing yarn could easily become an obsession.  It's just as exciting as dyeing fabric.  And the additional complexity of over-dyeing the existing colors is too tantalizing. Oh dear, here I go . . .

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  1. Gorgeous yarn that became even more beautiful. The ability to dye/overdye has really changed how I view cloth, yarn, or clothing. Especially when I stain a favortie shirt. No problem, just dye it!


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