Monday, October 31, 2011

Fifteen Boxes, Two Tubes, Assorted Pails and a Steamer...

That's what I am bringing to Houston for my classes at the Quilt Festival this week. For the past week, my living room and studio have looked like a hurricane swept through.  Open boxes, supplies, fabric everywhere.  When I see it all stacked up neatly, it doesn't look so bad. However, I do have to cart it all to my classrooms!

I'm feeling very pleased with myself, since I finished up with two days to spare. (I'm leaving Thursday morning.) I also learned some things last year, so I've used the same size boxes for all but one.  It's a lot easier to stack and organize when the boxes are the same size.

The other thing I learned from last year is to teach full day classes rather than half day classes.  Last year I taught 5 half day classes, all back-to-back.  I never expected that all of my proposals would be accepted!  It was exhausting, and the set up and clean up time for each meant I didn't have time for meals. One day, I taught two daytime classes and a night time class and was fueled only by four Cokes and some cashews.

This year, I'm teaching three classes and a demo over the course of four days. That is much more manageable!   As of two weeks ago, there are a few spaces left in each of my classes.  If you decide to make a last minute trip, you can check out my workshops on my website. Or maybe I'll see you in the exhibit hall or vendor area.

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