Monday, August 10, 2009

The Sacred Art of Altars

The Celebration Circle, a local inter-faith community, holds an annual auction of altars created by local artists. The artist is given a plain wooden box and has two months to transform it into an altar representing that which he/she holds sacred. Keep in mind that the group is very diverse and represents people from a variety of faith backgrounds and beliefs. The altars rarely fit the traditional expectations for sacred art.

I have participated in the exhibition for the past four years. I enjoy working on the altar and am always amazed by the myriad interpretations of the theme. All types of media are incorporated into the altar - painting, textiles, metal, sculpture, clay, found objects, mixed media. Below is the first altar I created for the event in 2005. I couldn't find photos of any of my other altars!

I've been working diligently to get my altar completed this week. It is finished and ready for delivery on Sunday. Below are a few photos designed to pique your interest. I'll post photos of the finished piece along with exhibition information when the exhibit opens in early September.

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