Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Eden's Room, A Fiber Art Boudoir by Laurel Gibson

Laurel Gibson currently has a solo exhibition at Fiber ArtSpace in San Antonio, Texas. Laurel incorporates traditional embroidery techniques along with mythical imagery. She describes the exhibition this way:

"The identity of women as it is passed on through stories is transformed into embroidered clothing and wall hangings. These stories are ingrained in our innermost selves as glimpses of the past are reflected in our dreams, myths, and fantasies. The format of a bedroom represents something intimate and the wardrobe addresses how who we are clothes our outer selves. Through this installation the viewer sees myths likened to trying on a dress or wearing a certain cloak. Priestess, Queen and Goddess... clothing is a symbol of power. Eden's Room is an assemblage of many cultures with their exciting heritage of ideas, icons, and stories."

Song of Songs

Song of Songs is a textile version of the Book of Solomon. Each verse is handwritten on a separate piece of fabric and all are handstitched together.

The series, Suits of Nobility, includes 20 works that feature photo transfer to fabric and hand stitching.

The Series, Tree of Life and Death, is inspired by the Qabalah and includes depictions of ten tantric goddesses.

Mercy, Receptacular Intelligence

Cungi is one in a series of three altered dresses.

Laurel is giving an artist talk about her work on Sunday, August 16, 2009 at 2:00 p.m. The exhibit runs through August 29, 2009. Stop by and see it if you have the opportunity. The detail in her work is much better appreciated in person!

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