Thursday, May 30, 2013


Now Is The Best Season, 2010

When I first moved back to San Antonio nine years ago, I heard about a program in which the airport displays work of local artists.  It sounded exciting - having one's work in a place visited by thousands of people from all over the world.  At the time I didn't respond to the call for entry. You know those naysaying voices inside one's head - "You're not in that league yet.  Don't even bother to enter."  I listened to those voices, but I did have a vision.  A vision of my artwork hanging in the airport.

I had pretty much forgotten that vision until I saw the call for entry last fall. This time, I ignored those voices. Then I received an email saying that my work was accepted.  Wow - that vision would be complete. And even more exciting was the news that Jane Dunnewold's work would be on display in the same area. I feel honored to be a part of the program and honored to be in the company of my mentor and friend.

A series of five pieces that I created during the ArtCloth Mastery program were chosen for the airport location. (I wrote about my inspiration for the series in an earlier post.) The installation process went smoothly - the installers were true professionals! Below are a few photos of the installation last month.

If you find yourself in Terminal B at the San Antonio International Airport between now and October, look for Jane's and my work between Gates 4 and 6.

What are your aspirations?


  1. Congratulations Lisa. I am flying in 2 weeks and will look for it. Can't wait to see it. It will have a calming effect on all those busy people.

  2. Congratulations, Lisa!! How exciting!!

  3. Congratulations on this wonderful space! The colors and shapes are bold...wish I could see the beautiful detail! Enjoy your summer at the airport!!

  4. Congratulations, Lisa! They look stunning in that space.


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