Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Out With The Old

I left for Quilt Festival with 15 boxes and arrived home with 11. That's the positive side of providing all the class supplies - my load is lighter on the way home!  I know I should just open each box and put the remaining supplies back in their place. But I think that will not happen for at least a week.  My studio is now filled with all the items I am clearing out for the local fiber group's Cobweb Sale on November 14.

A small sampling of what I'll have at the cobweb sale

The Fiber Artists of San Antonio hold the Cobweb Sale each year.  Members empty their studios of the fabric, beads, tools and other fiber art supplies they no longer want.  Many artists also sell their artwork. It is an opportunity to buy some really neat things at great prices! Details and location are on the FASA website

I realized yesterday that I have a lot more stuff than will fit on my sale table. I'll be selling
  • hand-dyed and printed fabric, both yardage and remnants
  • used thermofax screens
  • a rolling art tote
  • silk scarves and vests 
  • artwork miniatures
  • rubber stamps
  • assorted shells and beads
  • white t-shirts, ready for dyeing
  • miscellaneous surface design tools
Plus, half of my table will be devoted to items $1 or less.  It's the fiber art dollar store! I also have some freebies - remnants and samples of commercial and upholstery fabrics.

I'm looking forward to getting rid of items I no longer want or use. My studio will seem so open and spacious, although I know it won't take long before it fills up again.  But that's what next year's cobweb sale is for!

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up about your sale items, Lisa -- very inticing!


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