Saturday, April 23, 2011

Irony or Synchronicity?

They say that you teach what you most need to learn.  I experienced this first-hand yesterday.  Last weekend, I spoke on creativity to a local quilt guild. My presentation focused on some of the things that can block creativity and some strategies to get ideas flowing. Only 7 days later, I was in a creative block. 

I haven't had much studio time for the past six months, between teaching commitments and book projects.  The only time spent in the studio was creating samples. With most of those deadines behind me, I decided to take a studio day. But, I had absolutely no inspiration  or enthusiasm. I followed my own advice to "do something".  I blocked off the entire morning and pulled out some cloth I had started months earlier.  I took little steps, doing one small thing, then another, then another. I really had to fight the urge to check my email (the computer is my distraction of choice.)

"So, did it work?", you ask. Yes, it did.  Not only did I accomplish a lot, I have a lot of ideas and am excited to finish what I started. Maybe I would have gotten out of my slump anyway, but I think that having spoken about creativity only a week earlier made me more aware of how to get over it. I guess even when we know something intellectually, we still need a reminder now and then.

May you experience the flow of creativity today!


  1. Hi Lisa! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog last week and I'm glad you got your inspiration back! Was excited to see your husband follow my blog yesterday as well and that you both live only a few hours from me! Hope we can connect sometime in the future! Blessings!

  2. Ahhh. I can relate to this post a little too well, my friend. Let's make a studio date for some creative time. I've been pushing for a couple of deadlines and have another coming up, but I want to putter in the studio!
    I need some play time! I want to be at ACS where we have a real sink!!!

  3. When I have a block, I usually start making art for cards. Because they are small and not all that "important", I can play and then one thing leads to another. I also have index cards stuck up everywhere that say "it doesn't matter where you begin". Years ago I posted a picture of a china doll with a cracked face. The caption under the photo said "Hey doll. Don't cry. Do something". I think it was an ad for face cream? I wonder where that is? Whatever starts the engine.......


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