Thursday, November 25, 2010


Another Thanksgiving Day. Rather than the typical dose of turkey, potatoes, stuffing and family, I usually spend Thanksgiving in the studio. For the past 6 years, my husband has had to work on Thanksgiving, so I have started my own tradition. It seems appropriate - what more to be thankful for than a day alone creating? I usually take a more relaxed pace on this day. Yes, I work in the studio, but I take a break to play with the kitties and read the paper. Today, I spent some time admiring our new wildflower garden. We planted it a few months ago and the weather has been so warm, the flowers are blooming!

Now don't feel sorry for me, we had our Thanksgiving feast yesterday. And boy it was delicious. So now, while my husband works, I get to have lots of leftovers. (Don't feel sorry for him, either. His employer treats him to a Thanksgiving meal at a very nice local restaurant.)

I'll take a pass on reciting a list of all that I am thankful for. Somehow it ends up sounding trite.  I'll just wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and a very enjoyable day.

1 comment:

  1. Those flowers would fill a notebook of things to be thankful for. :-)
    Glad you had a nourishing day in the studio!


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